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FLORENCE: 1 hour

Homeland of literature and arts, Florence is an emblematic city that always shows a natural propensity to poetry, painting and architecture, as well as an innate grace and elegance . The river Arno divides it into two unequal parts and endless are its artistic and cultural treasures, gifts from prestigious artists such as Dante, Giotto, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Lorenzo the Magnificent, to name just a few of the characters that made it unique. From Piazza della Signoria, to the Uffizi, from Holy Trinity in Santa Maria Novella, to the Duomo, or Santa Croce, all worth a visit. For further information:

CORTONA : 20 minutes

A sandstone coloured town enclosed by Etruscan and medieval walls, with a unique atmosphere. Visit the two main museums : the Diocesan Museum, (where there are important works by Luca Signorelli and Fra Angelico ) and the Museum of the Etruscan Academy (here there are important collections of Etruscan , Roman and Egyptian). For further information:

AREZZO: 30 minutes

Arezzo is a town that proudly displays its face since the medieval city walls. Among the most prestigious masterpieces you must visit there is: the ' Legend of the Cross " (cycle of frescoes by Piero della Francesca, in St. Francis), the" Crucifix " by Cimabue (in the Church of St. Dominic) and the house of Vasari. For further information:

PERUGIA: 40 minutes

The lovely Umbrian capital is nestled in the green valley of the Tiber River and the Trasimeno Lake. The entrance to the city is by the strings and the Etruscan walls and one is immediately subdued by the charm of the old roads, palaces, churches marbles , from Guelph lion and the griffin symbol of the Palazzo dei Priori. Enchanting is the Fontana Maggiore, and the superb frescoes by Perugino. For further information: ,

MONTALCINO AND MONTEPULCIANO: 45 minutes and 25 minutes

These two towns are famous for their fine wines : Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. The architecture of Montalcino, dominated by pentagonal fortress with its towers, is to impress Siena. Montepulciano is called "the pearl of the sixteenth century " for the many works of Renaissance artists.

PIENZA: 30 minutes

This town stands on a hill overlooking the majestic Val d' Orcia. Built thanks to the enthusiasm of its illustrious citizen Enea Silvio Piccolomini , who became Pope Pius II , symbolizes the realization of the ideal city cherished by the humanists . Since 1996 Pienza is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, for the balance of forms and harmony of proportions that characterize it. For further information:

SIENA: 35 minuti

Resting on three rolling hills , Siena is the city of the Palio, which twice a year (2 July and 16 August) the 17 historic districts are played with fury and passion to celebrate the Madonna of Provenzano . But to visit, in addition to the famous Piazza del Campo, there is so much in this historic city from the Cathedral with its bell tower and mosaics , and S. Domenico, the imposing Gothic style brick basilica . For further information:

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