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A part of the villa is reserved Osteria , an intimate , decorated in Tuscan style that reflects the true lines of the typical " one-time tavern ." It's a place where you can discover the taste of the Tuscan culinary tradition , revisited by Chef Carlo Porcu . The Osteria, in the evening , welcome to the dinner guests of the residence and grounds . The service is fast and friendly and the menu will be a pleasant surprise : a few dishes , different every day depending on the seasonal products. The utmost care and attention is paid to its ingredients which are always of Tuscan origin , organic and seasonal . You will not find a classic menu but a blackboard with the dishes of the day. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, dining in the Osteria is like a dinner in a house of friends. Depending on the season you can taste new dishes paired with excellent Tuscan wine labels . The cuisine of Chef Carlo Porcu is intuitive , combines ingredients zero km, from the farm of La Lodola , to those typical of the regional tradition, a combination of flavors revisited and personal.. Chef Carlo Porcu has obtained a certificate of gluten-free cooking , so the Osteria menu always offers dishes for celiac peoples, but if specified at time of booking , the Chef is available to arrange a dedicated menu . In the summer the Tavern opens the outdoor area at the side of the villa, surrounded by green hedges. The Osteria is available to organize lunch by reservation. Open for dinner except Tuesday.

For further information and to book , call the Chef Carlo at +39 347-3321247

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