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At the heart of the charm of La Lodola there is the special touch of the hostess, Beatrice. Her eclectic taste, her unique versatility in furnishing, her knowledge and love for antiques and art objects of many different periods and styles is evident everywhere. Her audacious colours combinations and unusual yet elegant couplings of styles and objects make of her energy, the life force behind the special atmosphere of La Lodola. So it’s not unusual to find, on an elegant dresser of the 17th century, a pair of long curved horns that long ago proudly adorned the front of a placid Ox of Chiana Valley: a combination of elegance with the relic of a agricultural tradition of the land as of the property Both the competence of Beatrice on furniture, furnishings, paintings or sculptures, and her love for particular objects and particularly characterized by different periods are evident not only at La Lodola, but also in her two unique antique shops located in Pienza (a village that is a Renaissance jewel, definitely worth a visit) and Marciano della Chiana. ( If her taste for elegant interior design is something that one of two sons (Paolo) has inherited with considerable professional success, is the daughter Anna to work more closely with Beatrice leading the small but exclusive store specialized in precious and elegant jewels from the past ( A range of jewellery that can catch the imagination. In addition to the store Anna is active in the organization of prestigious exhibitions of art and antiques, as well as a number of significant cultural events. If Beatrice is the soul of La Lodola her "lord and master" is Mario, a country gentleman - originating from Sardinia, but since long-time Tuscan adoption - whose quiet yet warm and sensitive personality helps the essential human component that makes La Lodola a unique and welcoming place. His relaxed yet attentive attitude not only puts guests at ease, but also places them in spirit more suited to live the best of Tuscany. La Lodola is therefore not simply a place or structure: is a key to live a special experience.