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And the angle of the Osteria dedicated to tasting the products of Loyola, now also farm. Products km zero, realized at La Lodola or selected by Carlo and Manuela between local production. Here you can find jams, biscuits, cheeses and salamies. The same ingredients that make the dishes at Osteria a taste experience, but now you can choose for your pantry. The watchword is seasonal, so the Dispensation of La Lodola will never be the same and will always be able to offer fresh and new taste. The same care and attention in the choice of ingredients has been paid to the labels. The cellar of the Osteria is full of Tuscan wines, not just the most famous ones, but also those of small local productions that Carlo and Manuela have personally chosen for their guests, visiting wine producers to learn about the reality in which the wines are produced. The pairing of wine with food is essential, for this the labels change with the seasonality of the menu.

The Osteria is available to organize wine tasting, lunch and dinners by reservation. It is closed on Tuesday. For further information and to book, call the Chef Carlo at +39 347-3321247