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Cooking with Chef Carlo
Among the many pleasurable activities that can be done at the Villa La Lodola , there are also cooking classes. Chef Carlo Porcu makes available its expertise , experience and sympathy to teach you the secrets of regional cooking . The courses are organized on request for a minimum of two people and a maximum of six. They take place during the day, for both guests at the Villa and exteriors .
The courses available are two :
"One day in the kitchen with Chef Carlo Porcu "
Four-hour course in a single day that starts with a visit to the garden of La Lodola , to collect the ingredients of the season. It continues with the creation of the menu, from appetizers to desserts , which will then be served during dinner at the Osteria . Participants will work in teams , alongside the chef , to learn the realization of the dishes.
" Learn from the Chef: the basics of cooking "
Course of several days (to be agreed with the participants ) to learn the basics of cooking and the creation of a professional menu . Always starting from the Chef's recommendations for the selection of ingredients , the participants will learn how to make bread, fresh pasta, stuffed pasta to the egg , but also the basics of sweets, such as shortbread crust and . Until you discover the secrets of local recipes for making delicious appetizers, bruschetta from the classic black to tomato soup , sauces for pasta dishes , as pici and pappardelle pasta stuffed up . To conclude with the right choice of meat for every second dish and the recipes of tasty cakes , optionally , from pies to frozen desserts .

For further information and to book , call the Chef Carlo at +39 347-3321247

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